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AMDA - The Society of Post-Acute and Long Term Care.
Nomination for Secretary Position

The AMDA Nominating Committee for the year 2024 has put forward Dr. Asif Merchant as their nominee for the role of Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Candidate for Secretary AMDA/PALTC

Candidate for Secretary AMDA/PALTC

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Why Should I Be Elected

  • Proven Entrepreneurial Skills: Dr. Asif Merchant brings with him a track record of being a successful entrepreneur, demonstrating the ability to navigate and thrive in dynamic business environments.

  • Executive Experience as CEO and Chief Medical Officer: With a background as a CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Merchant possesses the leadership and strategic acumen needed for the position of Secretary, contributing a valuable perspective to the Board of Directors.

  • Past President of GNES Chapter: Having served as the Past President of the Greater New Chapter of the Society of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care (GNES), Dr. Merchant has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the field and the society's operations.

  • Board Membership in Several Companies: Dr. Merchant's active participation on the boards of multiple companies reflects his ability to provide diverse insights, drawing from varied professional experiences and networks.

  • Founder and Partner in Multiple Companies: As a founder and partner in several companies, Dr. Merchant has demonstrated initiative and the capacity to initiate and sustain successful ventures, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Chief of Geriatrics: With a notable role as the Chief of Geriatrics, Dr. Merchant brings specialized expertise and a focus on the unique challenges and opportunities within the field of geriatrics.

  • Over 20 Years of Commitment to AMDA: Dr. Merchant's longstanding commitment to AMDA spans over two decades, demonstrating a deep and enduring dedication to the society's mission and values.

  • Active Committee Involvement: Dr. Merchant's engagement in various committees, including the Public Policy Committee, Physician Competencies Committee, and Quality Measures Committee, underscores his commitment to actively contribute to the organization's development and success.

  • Media Presence and Recognition: Dr. Merchant's frequent quotes in national media outlets such as The Washington Post, NPR, MSNBC, and CNN highlight not only his expertise but also his ability to effectively communicate and represent the society on a broader stage.

In summary, Dr. Asif Merchant's extensive experience, leadership roles, entrepreneurial success, and unwavering commitment to AMDA make him a highly qualified candidate for the position of Secretary of the Board of Directors.

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Key Focus Areas:

1. Membership Expansion:


Attracting New Physicians and Practitioners: I will champion initiatives to attract a diverse range of healthcare professionals to our community. By showcasing the unique value proposition AMDA offers, we will position ourselves as the go-to resource for post-acute and long-term care expertise.


2. Financial Strength:


Building a Robust Financial Foundation: I am dedicated to ensuring the financial stability of AMDA. By implementing sound fiscal strategies and exploring innovative revenue streams, we will secure the resources needed to support our mission and vision.


3. Commitment to Excellence:

Elevating Professional Standards: Leveraging my experience on AMDA committees and my role in advocating for certified medical directors in Massachusetts, I will drive efforts to enhance professional standards. By collaborating with relevant stakeholders and advocating for certification, we will fortify the credibility and expertise of our members.


4. Collaboration and Advocacy:


Strengthening Partnerships: My extensive collaboration with hospitals, state health departments, medical societies, and post-acute care organizations positions me to foster even stronger partnerships. Together, we can amplify our collective voice and influence policies that positively impact post-acute care.


Innovation and Education:


Harnessing Technology and Knowledge: I will lead initiatives to embrace technological advancements and educational opportunities. By staying at the forefront of innovation, AMDA will continue to be a hub of cutting-edge information, ensuring our members are equipped to deliver exceptional care.

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